Who is Shahrukh who openly fired during the Protest in Jafrabad, Delhi?

The Zafarabad, Maujpur and Bhajanpura areas of Delhi are burning. On 24 February, fierce violence ensued between opponents and supporters of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Stoned, vehicles were set on fire. Many videos of violence are becoming viral on social media at this time. All of these include a video in which a man is seen openly firing bullets. A policeman was standing in front, but the man did not stop even after seeing him. According to reports, this man fired eight rounds in the Zafarabad-Maujpur area.

Who is this man?

When the video surfaced, questions arose that who is this? Well, Delhi Police has taken this man into custody late on 24 February. His name is Shahrukh. Is a resident of the Zafarabad-Maujpur area. It is being questioned.

Was it with CAA supporters or with opponents?

When the videos of open firing went viral, two types of claims were made –

The first– This man was involved in the Protest of the supporters of CAA.
Second- CAA’s opponents were involved in the protest.

Shahrukh Photo Tweet
Some claimed that the man firing was involved in the demonstrations by CAA supporters.

What is the truth?

According to reports, anti-CAA protesters were demonstrating towards the Zafarabad area, while supporters of the CAA were towards the Maujpur area. There was a clash between the two protesters on the road between the two areas. The police were trying to stop the clash between the two groups on this road.

Saurabh Trivedi Tweet Photo
Screenshot of Saurabh Trivedi’s tweet. In this, a man in a red shirt is seen firing.

‘The Hindu’ reporter Saurabh Trivedi posted a video of Shahrukh firing. It was claimed that he was involved in the anti-CAA Protest. Alt News spoke to Saurabh. He was asked how he recognized that the man who was firing was among the anti-CAA protesters. On this, Saurabh told that the man came from the Zafarabad metro station. In that area, anti-CAA protesters were blocking the way, demonstrating. At the time of the incident, Saurabh was on the other side of the road, ie towards the Maujpur area, where CAA supporters were demonstrating. He further said,

‘The man (Shah Rukh) fired eight rounds and fired a gun at the CAA protesters. At that time there was only one policeman standing there. The man told the policeman, ‘Run away or I’ll kill’. But the policeman remained standing. After that, the man turned backward. The policeman asked the rest of the policemen to come along, after which the shooter was caught. ‘

How many died?

Till now five people have been killed. These include Ratan Lal, a head constable of Delhi Police. More than 50 people are injured. These include paramilitary force personnel and Delhi Policemen. Shahdara DCP Amit Sharma, ACP Anuj of Gokulpuri and Chhatrapal, a head constable of Delhi Police, were also injured. Police informed that there is still tension in North-East Delhi (where the incident took place). Police are constantly getting calls related to the incident of violence.


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