Who is the ‘Baby Kejriwal’ who had their eyes on celebrating the victory of AAP?

Delhi Assembly Elections 2020. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) won 62 seats and BJP 8 seats. The results came on 11 February. A crowd gathered outside the AAP’s office since morning. People started celebrating only after the initial trends came. Many photos were coming out. In the midst of all this, such a photo came out, which caught everyone’s attention. That picture was of ‘Baby Kejriwal’.

The one-year-old baby boy was dressed up like Delhi CM Kejriwal. He came in wearing a sweater-muffler, wearing a spectacle-cap. The fake mustache was also made. AAP also tweeted a picture of the child. The caption was given, ‘Mufflerman’.

Who is this child?

The child’s name is Avyan Tomar. Parents are AAP supporters. Father’s name is Rahul Tomar, mother’s name is Meenakshi. Rahul does business in Delhi. Both have been supporting Kejriwal ever since he joined the Jan Lokpal movement along with Anna Hazare. That is, in the year 2011. After this movement, Kejriwal created AAP.

In 2015, the daughter was made ‘Baby Kejriwal’

In 2015, when Kejriwal was swearing in as CM of Delhi at Ramlila Maidan, Rahul and Meenakshi also reached there. At that time, they had prepared their daughter ‘Fairy’ like Kejriwal. she gave exactly the same look as he gave to Avyan this time. Then Meenakshi told PTI,

‘I want my daughter to be like Kejriwal too. In her also come the same quality which is in him. Like- honesty, honesty, compassion. We used to bring her here during Anna Hazare’s rally too. When Kejriwal came forward in the anti-corruption struggle, we made our daughter the mascot of this struggle. ‘

Avyaan tomar
In this picture, Rahul is holding his son Avyan Tomar and driving it in the hands of the public. Photo – Twitter.

Avyan was in the AAP office since morning

Well, this time Rahul-Meenakshi made her son ‘Baby Kejriwal’. On the morning of 11 February, Rahul dressed his child like Kejriwal and reached the AAP office, where everyone was clicking his picture. Although Avyan is only one year old. Seeing such a crowd, after some time, he started getting irritated. But still, by the afternoon Rahul was outside the AAP office with Avyan.


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