Who is the young man injured in Jamia firing?

Date 30 January 2020. Day of Thursday. The protest march was going on in protest against the revised citizenship law in Jamianagar, Delhi. At the same time, a young man shouted ‘Ye lo Azadi’ and shot at the Protesters. The young man who was shot is being called a minor. The police later took the young man into custody. This young man made several live on Facebook before being shot in Jamia. However, the Facebook account of the accused youth was later deactivated. Since this incident, questions are being raised on the role of the police.

DCP of South-East District Delhi Chinmay Biswal said,

Shadab Farooq’s left hand is injured. He has been referred to the trauma center. According to doctors, he is out of danger. The youth arrested is being interrogated.

Who is the injured young man?

A young man was injured in this shootout. The injured young man’s name is Shadab Farooq. He got shot in his hand. He has been admitted to AIIMS. It is alleged that the Delhi Police did not remove barricading to give way to the injured youth. Shadab had to get three barricades and go to the hospital. Shadab is a second-semester student of MA Mass Communication in Jamia Millia Islamia.

Shadab was a member of Jamia Drama Club at the time of Farooq’s graduation. Shadab has been recognized in Jamia as his singing and voice-over artist.

On 30th January, the whole country is remembering the martyrdom of Mahatma Gandhi. And on the same day, another picture of hate has been seen. This is the time to go to our consciousness.

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