Why are heads covered with black cloth before hanging? This Nana Patekar has told long ago

Nirbhaya’s convicts were hanged. The hanging of Akshay Thakur, Vinay Sharma, Mukesh Singh and Pawan Gupta. They were hanged at 5.30 in the morning of 20 March. All four tried hard to stop the hanging. Due to this, death warrants were issued thrice earlier, which could not be implemented. The first warrant was issued in January. But the culprits used different legal tactics. In this way, the date of hanging went forward. For the first time, four convicts have been hanged in Tihar Jail.

# What happens in hanging?

The jail superintendent, local magistrate, a doctor including some police officers are present during the execution. At the appointed time, the perpetrator is taken towards the gallows. During this time, he is told about his crime, for which he is being hanged. The executioner ties the hands of the perpetrator on the back of the board and both legs are also tied.

The executioner puts a cloth over the prisoner’s mouth and hangs it around his neck. And after that, the lever pulls. There are four ways of hanging around the world. Hanging is done in India in a long drop manner. In the long drop, the length of the rope is fixed according to the weight of the prisoner. This is done so that the neck and reed bone is broken by the shock. It is believed that the method of long drop in hanging is the least cruel.

This type of mask was used in the British era and there was such a rope to tie back and forth (Photo from National Museum)
This type of mask was used in the British era and there was such a rope to tie back and forth (Photo from National Museum)

# But why the black mask on the face?

Around the twentieth century, the prisoner’s head began to be covered with black cloth when he was hanged. But in some countries, white masks were worn just before hanging. In Britain and its colonies, the prisoner was wearing a white mask. One specialty in the British version of the mask was that there were two holes in front of the eyes to see it. Usually, this mask was worn only when the prisoner was about to be hanged. Before this, the person who is about to be hanged keeps on watching the noose, executioner, etc. Some countries later tried to change this tradition. Before the prisoner was taken to the gallows, he used to cover his face with a mask. But in such a situation, the prisoners usually started getting upset and distracted. They did not know what is happening where. Therefore, later the tradition was that masks should be worn only when the hanging noose is worn around the neck.

Never before have four people been hanged together in Tihar Jail (Pic PTI)
Never before have four people been hanged together in Tihar Jail (Pic PTI)

Around the world wearing black masks just before the execution Three reasons Is considered

First Reason, one thing has to be kept in mind while hanging in the way of long drop. If the prisoner starts moving just before pulling the hanging liver, then there will not be enough force on his neck to break the neck. And this is the biggest reason for death in hanging. The hanging noose is measured and placed on the neck. If the knot is shaken from its place, it may also happen that the prisoner does not die immediately.

And if he does not cover his eyes by wearing a mask, then it may be that the prisoners started moving due to fear after seeing the liver drawn. This will cause the knot of the loop to move from the right place

The second reason is that there is no deep trace of the noose hanging on the skin of the prisoner’s neck. After dragging the liver of the hanging noose, when the body of the prisoner goes down, it goes at such a speed that the skin burns due to friction due to the noose. And if the mask is not tied tightly, then there will be marks of burning in the rounding on the neck.

The mask is also tied tightly to prevent the mask from going down.

The third And the most important reason. Face after hanging. Someone who is hanged, his eyes and tongue come out under so much pressure. It is almost impossible for people present there or anyone to see this face. Once you see a person in this condition, its effect can remain on the brain for a long time. Hence the face of the prisoner is covered.

Film you Krantivir Will remember Earlier, there used to be a lot of talk on Doordarshan. What does Nana Patekar’s character say that he is ready to be hanged? That is ‘Come to see the spectacle of my death? Will hang me right now. The tongue will come out, eyes will come out… ’

Sunil Gupta has written his experiences in Tihar Jail with journalist Sunetra. (Photo courtesy Sunil Gupta)
Sunil Gupta has written his experiences in Tihar Jail with journalist Sunetra. (Photo courtesy Sunil Gupta)

But the reason for the mask being black? Black act black doing. It is believed that even after being legal, it is still a homicide. The prisoner is dressed in black cloth while hanging. The head is covered with a black mask. Black color because this whole process of hanging is considered Black Act. Law and crime forced the system to commit this murder. Therefore, the color of clothes and masks is kept black.

# Warrant is also black

Court issues death warrant for hanging. It is also called ‘Black Warrant’. It is issued 14 days before the date of hanging. It is written over it, ‘Warrant of execution of a sentence of death’. It is also written in the warrant that the prisoner should be hanged till his death. The death warrant issued by the court directly reaches the jail administration. After hanging, the certificates related to the death of the prisoner are given back in the court. Apart from this, the death warrant is also returned.

About half an hour after pulling the hanging lever, the corpse is lowered. But he is removed only when the medical officer confirms the death. After confirmation of the death, the magistrate, medical officer and superintendent sign all three death warrants. After the hanging, the corpse is handed over to the family, before the death of the prisoners, who do not have the family, they are asked how to perform the last rites.



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