Why do people of Mumbai waste 11 days of the year on the streets?

Cab company Uber has given some statistics related to traffic in Mumbai. According to this ‘Movement Data’, people of Mumbai waste an average of 11 days in a year by getting stuck in traffic jams. This figure is double the time of waste compared to Singapore, Hong Kong, and New York.

Uber’s mathematics says that it takes an average of one and a half hours to travel from Mumbai’s airport to South Mumbai, while it takes half the time to travel from Shanghai’s city center to the airport. This figure of traffic in Shanghai and Mumbai makes Mumbai people think.

# What else does the Uber report say

These data have been recorded by the data science department of Uber between the years 2016 and 2018. Accordingly, the traffic in Mumbai is one of the worst in the world. Statistics show that Mumbai is doing its financial loss every year due to traffic jams and unnecessary time traveling. Those traveling in Mumbai every day are paying the price for this bad traffic. On average, people on the road have to burn petrol of 265 rupees due to this traffic.

#Wage Mathematics

The city is made up of those who work there. The working class is the foundation of any city. According to this data, traffic in Mumbai also creates a work crisis in front of the workers. If a worker from the Borivali area of ​​Mumbai wants to go to the Parel area and work every day, then it is almost like an impossible task. Due to the jam, 350 rupees are spent separately for this.

Some routes in this research of Uber are very bad. The route from BKC to Borivali and Jogeshwari to Kandivali rests on the lowest rung in this research.

Despite these things, the number of private vehicles in Mumbai is constantly increasing. In 2001, only eight lakh people used to have their own car in this city, but by the year 2015, the number of vehicles increased to 23 lakh. According to Uber, the number of vehicles in Mumbai is also increasing at twice the average, which is a matter of concern for the city.


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