Why is Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman apologizing for her long budget speech?

Nirmala Sitharaman. Finance Minister. The budget was presented on 1 February. The Finance Minister gave the longest budget speech ever. This speech was about 160 minutes. The speech was so long that the finance minister’s health deteriorated. She could not read her budget speech in full.

Now the Finance Minister has apologized for her long budget speech. However, the Finance Minister said that it was necessary. Because every aspect of the economy had to be given due consideration. According to news agency PTI, in a press conference in Chennai on 8 February, the Finance Minister said,

Pardon. I agree that all of you were inconvenienced. I don’t know, you must have wondered why this woman has been giving a speech for almost two and a half hours. But we had issues that needed to be discussed. We only did our duty. This could not have happened in any other way. It was needed.

The Finance Minister claimed that a long speech was necessary to elaborate on the pre-budget consultation with stakeholders and efforts made to meet the expectations of each sector. The Finance Minister said that he did not do this to make a record. Talked on every aspect of the economy, so the budget became longer.

The finance minister had mentioned Kashmiri and Tamil poets in his budget speech. After narrating the Kashmiri poem of Pandit Deenanath Kaul Nadeem, she also narrated its Hindi version.

Our homeland is like a blooming Shalimar Bagh

Our country is like a lotus blooming in Dal Lake,

Is like hot blood of youth,

My country is your country, our country,

Is the most beloved country in the world.

In the midst of his budget speech, the Finance Minister recited a Tamil gnome of Angara. ‘Bhoomi Thiruti Vu’. That is, nurture previously cultivated land. After that grow the crop properly. One should work hard before taking food.

After the end of the budget speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to the Finance Minister and greeted him. The Finance Minister broke the record for the longest speech given last July. The speech that the Finance Minister gave in July was 137 minutes.

However, the opposition did not appreciate the long speech of the Finance Minister. Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi had said that our youth want employment. Instead, he received the longest budget speech in parliamentary history, in which nothing was said about the result. Both the Finance Minister and the Prime Minister do not know what to do next.


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