Why is this delivery boy of Zomato becoming so viral on social media?

A video of Zomato’s delivery boy is becoming very viral on social media. The delivery boy’s name is Sonu. In this video, he is telling about the salary and food he gets from Zomato. Watch this video-

This video is going viral not because of Sonu’s words, but because of his smile. Due to continuous smiling, this video of him is being shared on all social media platforms.

Zomato tweeted from his Twitter account and wrote- Now this is a fan account of Happy Rider. Also, Sonu’s photo was also placed in DP.

The video of Sonu from Delhi was posted on Tik Tok. Where about 4.7 million, or 47 lakh people saw it. And now the entire social media platform is going viral. Zomato also posted a post from their Instagram handle. There are many reasons to smile in it. Also wrote the caption that ‘You Converted Or Say More

This video of Sonu was recorded by Tik Tok user Danish. Then shared on social media. People turned to Sonu’s smile and his way of talking. Sonu is answering Danish’s questions in the video.

Sonu says that he works for 12 hours. For this, incentives get Rs 350 together. When Danish asks Sonu if he gets some food from the company, he says, “Yes, the order which is canceled, gets its own.” Sonu says that there is no problem with the company. The company provides both money and food over time.

Many memes are also being made on Sonu’s photo. Gurugram Traffic Police tweeted and wrote- Learn these things from Zomato Happy Rider-

No matter in life, keep on laughing

Wear a helmet, which is more important.

Friends, people are also making many types of memes using Sonu’s photo.

Prior to this, videos of a delivery boy of many Zomato went viral and also made memes. But this should be the first video, which is going viral in the positive way. No one is condemning, rather, some are asking to learn from it.



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